our story

Organic Doro is home to eco-friendly clothing products. This venture was started by four friends; with the idea of being a catalyst in saving the earth, for the love of organic products and to influence as many people as we can to choose the eco-friendly way.

The name was well thought, and this was decided based on the fact that the word “organic” only made sense because they were going to sell organic products and the word “doro'' means thread and Gift of God. Clothing associates well with thread, and since the products are eco-friendly and don't affect mother nature, it can definitely be called a Gift of God.

This venture was started in Australia with the thought of choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Global warming and exploitation of mother nature over the years have made eco-friendly products the need of the hour. Organic Doro offers people with eco-friendly products in order to reduce carbon footprint and also to sort of make a shift in people’s lifestyles. The vision behind starting this was to provide sustainable products and to support a healthy lifestyle.

Our Pillar


GOTS certified

All our products are GOTS certified which limits the use of toxic products. Organic GOTS certification is the toughest standard to meet and go through the process. The products can only get GOTS certificate if it meets following requirements:

Contain 95-100% natural organic fiber

Not treated with any harmful substances

Be hued with nontoxic colors

Whole supply chain sustainability standard.

Why should you choose organic clothing?

Organic fabric is something that is harmless, natural, and pleasing to skin. Conventional fabrics have quite harmful effects to the body and environment in general. People have shifted to sustainable options and are opting for organic cotton and organic apparels which are certified to organic agricultural standards. There are many reasons on why one chooses organic cotton fabric or garments or apparel:

62% less usage of water in growing organic water.

No use of toxic chemicals in the production of organic fabrics.

Organic Cotton is made from GMO free natural seeds and no synthetic fertilizers are used.

Safe and healthy working environment for the workers

Fair price for the farmers and workers

Organic clothing is a model for the future and need of the hour.

Choose sustainable.
Choose organic.