🌱 Earth Day Special Offer!


No Gmo Seeds

Safe working environment for workers

Less wastage of water

Free from toxic dyes

Fair Trade premium for farmers

Environment Friendly

No child labor

No synthetic pesticides


Organic Doro is a home to the best of organic garments. We together work towards helping the world be an eco-friendly one with our sustainable products.

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Organic, sustainable and good for skin. What else do I want? I am a vegan and try my best to promote sustainable lifestyle and such brands are everything that I ever need... My daughter also likes the crop top I purchased. Lovely service. 

Sophia Musset

Great quality. Although very limitedoptions to choose from. Would love to have variety of clothes. Also need morecolours. Organic Doro please work on this!

Abigail Curry

I bought my first organic t-shirt from here and I just love it!!! The fabric is so so soft and gives me such rich feels 😍

Love Organic Doro for its sustainable but still beautiful options

Zoey Horne